Our Curriculum & Training Programs



(K – 5/6th Grade)

iBelong is a Common Core-aligned curriculum designed to provide elementary students (K–5th) a general overview of a variety of specific disabilities as well as to promote general inclusion for all into both the classroom and the community at large. Lessons engage students in active, multimodal learning using media, games, books, hands-on activities, class discussion, and group/teamwork. This curriculum actively engages students in learning about a variety of disabilities, including:

deafness/hard of hearing
learning disabilities
communication/speech disorders
motor disabilities
down syndrome



(Middle School)


Ignite is designed to teach adolescents and young adults (ages 12-16) with high incidence disabilities the skills and confidence necessary to become active participants in designing their futures. Through self-exploration, knowledge development and hands-on practice, the curriculum actively builds the mindset and skills necessary for students to become self-advocates in a variety of settings including their IEP meetings. Students will learn about:

themselves and their disability
self advocacy
emotion regulation
goal setting
conflict resolution
the transition plan process



(High School)

T’NT is designed to prepare young adults (ages 16-22) with high incidence disabilities to become employed, independent members of their communities. The curriculum actively engages students in a variety of topics including:

employment preparation
soft skill development
post-secondary education
employment training and/or certification
independent living
adult services
financial literacy
community involvement

This curriculum is a wonderful way to introduce students to life after high school. It is clearly laid out in a professional, workable, and presentable manner. T’NT provides students with high functioning disabilities with valuable information on educational opportunities, employment information, budgets, and independent living. I would recommend this program to any school district looking to empower their students and prepare them for post-school activities.

Megan N.Teacher, Hononegah High School, Rockton, IL

Many of my students feel more comfortable sharing some of their invisible disabilities with their classmates, which I believe is directly related to the lessons taught through OnRAMP’s curriculum, iBelong as they know that all students now have a basic understanding of how to treat others.

Tracy S.4th Grade Teacher, Poplar Grove Elementary, Poplar Grove, IL

T’NT helps expose students to what life is like post high school. I especially liked the mock interviews and how it benefited the students.

Chuck S.Teacher, Guilford High School, Rockford, IL

I find that the T’NT curriculum coincides very well with the textbook we use each day in our class. I also find the variety of topics, technology and community partners to be helpful in having the students grasp the concepts we are teaching.

Ryan M.Teacher, East High School, Rockford, IL

I liked T’NT. It helped by bringing in different people to talk about subjects I need to know about for my future.

Lamarion G.Student

The topics we have talked about are very helpful and will pay off later.

Corbin R.Student

About OnRAMP

OnRAMP isn’t just another curriculum and training program. Founded by RAMP, a Center for Independent Living in Rockford, IL, OnRAMP was designed by educators and disability advocates who understand the needs of those with disabilities. We also understand and help meet the demands of the regulatory landscape within which our partners in schools, organizations and businesses must operate. Our curriculum and programs are age-appropriate, cross-disability, and flexible enough for ease of implementation while meeting mandated standards including Common Core, Indicator 13 and Transition Plan requirements set forth in the IDEA 2004 and 5th Core requirements for Centers for Independent Living (CILs). 


Our curriculum is always current and meets our philosophy to empower individuals with disabilities while involving parents, community members and partners in the process.  

About RAMP

Established in 1980, RAMP is a non-profit, non-residential Center for Independent Living (CIL) that emulates the Independent Living Philosophy with a mission to build an inclusive community that encourages individuals with disabilities to reach their full potential.

We take a creative approach to find resources and opportunities available to team up with individuals with disabilities to access the community where we live, work and play. We have this knowledge because the majority of our staff and board of directors have disabilities. RAMP staff meets individuals with disabilities where they are at and together as a team we take them where they want to go. We advocate for the implementation of current laws, promotion of needed legislation and improvement of existing systems for people with disabilities while working to diminish negative attitudes that threaten to impede equal access.